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love love love [entries|friends|calendar]
Crazy Cool Courtney

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bfg,bgfjka [18 Sep 2005|01:25am]
[ mood | awake ]

well hi! It is like 1:30 in the morning, but don't think I'll have to time update my livejournal tomorrow cause I am going to the applefest with katy, krystal, and charity, and of course me! hahahahahaha! yeah ok thats about it. bye now

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njjj,nbjbnm,kjm [17 Sep 2005|05:01pm]
[ mood | full ]

well hello! I know I haven't updated it in a long time! Too lazy. yeah. ummm..nothing really happened over the past week..school mostly. on and monday and tuesday I babysat! and today I was suppose to go to the Applefest, but my mom and dad said NO! I am mad! oh well I guess its not the end of the world. but I am happy cause today I put like a whole bunch of songs on my iPod! and now it is fixed so yeah! excited! and that is about all I did today! It took a long time.and my parents went to this one thing and I am not aloud to have anyone over! which sucks!! yeah thats about it. bye now

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kjdfaskf [10 Sep 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | tired, but happy ]

well hi! today I went to this demo and it was fun! there was a bounce house and other things! fun fun! and then after that we went to the movies to see The Excorism of Emily Rose! It was good. Then Shelby, Katy, and Alex were being loud! and everybody started shh....them and like someone said SHUT THE FUCK UP! it was funny. and yeah. well that is about it. Gotta Blast! bye now.

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love is like FIRE! [10 Sep 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | tired, but laughing ]

well hello there. Today I pratice for this demo thing and then my friends jojo, rachel, and katy spent the night at my house. We gotta wake up at like 9:00 cause we have a demo thing going on. Its gonna be really fun! I can't wait. so yeah. I have really nothing going on this weekend.  WAIT! I do...I am going to the movies on saturday and on sunday I am working! oh yeah and after school today I went to Basket Robbins w/ alyssa and katy! It was a ball! yeah well that is about it! bye now.

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well hello there! [06 Sep 2005|08:21am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well Hi! Today I went to the this festival thing and it was fun! A lot of walking. I took Katy and Chris with me and we went Bugee Jumping and I did backflips and stuff! it was fun, but it hurt your legs! and Then I felt like I was gonna faint. Then Katy got on and she did many of backflips and then she did 2 backflips in a row! It was awesome. Then we did these swings things man that was a lot of work! FUN FUN! well that was my day!! Bye now!

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sept 4 yeah [05 Sep 2005|05:04am]
[ mood | I like this one! ]

hello there. Well Today I went to Church then after that me and katy are going to this Barque thing at her aunt and uncles house. we are having steak! yumm... Well that is about my day. ttyl bye now!



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yeah [04 Sep 2005|07:30am]
[ mood | umm Mischievous! ]

Hello there. Well yesterday Katie and Alex King spent the night. and so did katy. We burnt cds the whole night, but it was still fun. and then Alex and Katy were up until 5:00. And me and Katie fell asleep at like at 3:00. So yeah that is about it. Oh yeah I got a whole bunch of new cds which is very cool. They are awesome cds. Katy also got the same cds which is very cool. but that is part of my Labor Day weekend. Bye now.

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heiajetfa [30 Aug 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well Today was the first full day of school...BORING! Well after school Krystal came over and we wrapped her up in wrapping paper and took her over to Katys house and we surpised her really good! hahahha! Then we made nicknames that was my day!



                                      I love Shnookums and Sugarcane! hahaha great times! Where do dogs go? Krys answer!


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Michigans Adventure and School [29 Aug 2005|06:21pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well Hello there..Today was the first day of school. I forget who is my classes, but yeah. I hear that my team barely ever gives out homework and I hope they don't. so yeah. Not a lot of people I know are on my team. but I'll get to know them. It was a pretty exciting day!


Well on Friday I went to Bay City to see my family and then on Saturday me, my mom, my cousin bailey, and my aunt terri went to Muskygan (however you spell it) and we went to see couple of horse races and we went go karting that day. Then on Sunday we went to Michigans Adventure. It was quit fun. I rode the Funnel of Fear which wasn't fear, but it did feel like you were about to fly upside down. and when you see the funnel in person it is about the size of a house! It HUGE! Yeah well that is about it. bye now!

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You've Got Mail [25 Aug 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | EXCITED & HAPPY ]

Hello there! I am so excited cause I didn't have to babysit all week! wee...! Well I haven't been doing much. I have been hanging out with shelby, chris, katy, and Mojo Jojo!! haha! Then tonight I am going to a demo team thing. That will be fun cause then I'll be able to break a board for the first time in front of people! Shelby is sitting right next to me and she is being crazy, but so is Katy and me kinda. OH YEAH! we got Jojo and chris to get together! I am so happy for them cause they have been making out and kissing and making out and kissing..GREAT! well bye now. 

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EXCITED! [23 Aug 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | so excited! ]

I am soo excited! Cause today I got my computer fixed and now I can get on my internet w/out a lot of pop-ups! So I am pretty excited about that! and another thing that I am excited about is that this weekend I am going to Michigan Adventures! yay! I wanna ride that new ride The Tunnel of Fear or something like that cause it looks really fun. So really all I have been doing is hanging out w/ Courtney Sparks. That is about it. Cause Katy has been grounded, oh I also have been babysitting and I have to babysit tomorrow to! ugh! Thats about it..bye now.

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web/home [21 Aug 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Well lately I have been hanging out with Courtney Sparks and Katy. On Friday people were getting pissed at us and today one the people were bragging about how "perfect" they are when they are not! It bugs the crap out of me!! Thats about it and we have been really bored! bye now.

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Scroll Lock [11 Aug 2005|12:00pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hello! umm...well i really didn't do anything but hang out with Shelby, Chris, and Katy. And we have been going up to Ride Aid. bored. and we have been going swimming alot! the end. bye now.

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<---BackSpace [04 Aug 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | yay excited ]

well yesterday was fun! cause me, katy, and shelby all went up to chris's house, but we rode our bikes!! man that was a trip and a half! especially going on WakeFeild! to many hills. Then we went over to Kyles house for a little while cause we were bored and had nothing esle to do! then we came home and we wanted to go swimming over at Shelby's next door neighbors, but we couldn't cause something was wrong with the pool. i was mad! but o-well. so yeah that was yesterday.


Today I was suppose to go swimming but the stupid weather changed and we didn't which sucks! So instead i am going to see a movie! Fantastic 4! everybody says that its a good movie. i am soo excited. then i am going to Karate. that will be my day!

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Print Screen ------SysRq [01 Aug 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Well todayt i woke up at 11:00 and then katy woke up at 12:30 then we went to her house and we made flyers to pass out to her neighbors so that she can baysit. we did a good job! we passed out like 15 fylers and we had 30 fylers which was half of them and then we are gonna go do it again! That was my day! mad fun!! Then tonight my gma and gpa are coming downa dn then i am baysitting! and i am also babysitting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! too many days lol! bye now.

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well.. [30 Jul 2005|12:22pm]
[ mood | <--haha looks funny ]

Well Today I am gonna go shopping w/ my mom! yay! i need clothes super bad! Well anyways yesterday was really fun at the Buick Open cause me and my cousin got an autgraph! which was very exciting! his name is Colby Beckstrom. A lot of people don't know him tho lol! but now he is my favorite golfer! lol! Then yesterday we bummed into another golfer...Paul Claxton! it was funny and then we got to talk to him. well yesterday was a fun day at the Open! Then later that nigth I went to a party at my cousins that was fun. me and Lex made ourselves get dizzy! Then I got sick which wasn't cool! but that is about it! 

And today I just going shopping! so yeah! and i am also very mad....i lost my iPod and my cell phone..so i need to look for those!

coolest person in the world...COURTNEY! <3

I love zee John!<3

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abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz [28 Jul 2005|12:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well today I am going up to the pool to see my cousins! so hopefully i don't drown!!! hehe! memory w/ katy! Then afterwards i am going up to Sugar Buzz and then my dad is gonna pick me up and take me to karate!


Then i am prolly not gonna be able to update mine tomorrow cause tomorrow i am going to the Buick Open!! and then we are going to a party afterwards and we'll prolly won't be home until later! so that is gonna be my day tomorrow!

way cool Courtney!


<3 John

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1234567891011213141516171819202122232422627282930313233 [27 Jul 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | very tired ]

Well the other day Cosmo and Thomas (my ginny pigs) became roomates! YAY!  Well today me, moriah, and katy all went up to the skate park to meet katy's b/f Danny! hes cool! I think Katy found her lover!  yeah...they are cute together. haha Then after the skate park I went to go up to my cousins softball game...boring! that was my day!


i am cool! Courtney <3


I <3 zee John!

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[26 Jul 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | happy!!! ]

Sorry that i haven't updated it in like forever...it is just getting really boring!! and my computer is still messed up!! it sucks! well anyways...

On Saturday Me, katy, my mom, and lex all went to The Killers!! Which was a great show!!! It was awesome!

Last week on Tuesday I almost drowned! well i was going under Katys legs and i didn't make it so i turned around to get back up, but katy was moving where i was coming up and i got stuck underneath her!! scary day! but funny! in 5,4,3,2,1, BUBBLES!

Also i got a new b/f his name is John! hes awesome and nice! and thats about it of all my excitement!

The rest of the days I have been hanging out with Katy, Shelby, and Chris!! 

Kyle-I miss you soo much! i am calling you tonight! luv ya tons!

<3Courtney<3    Courtney (hearts) John!

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Lindsay Marie Andrews and Alexis Nichole Girou [15 Jul 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well today i went out to eat with all of my family..that was fun! Then i went to my most beauitful, sexiest, funnest, and blondest cousin Alexis Nichole Girou. She is an abcdefghijKLMNO. WOOOOOOO! Well anyways i really did nothing this week instead on Monday i went to Cedar Point! Bye now!

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